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About Bokeh Life

"I wonder what it'd look like if I make the word 'BOKEH' look like the name of a metal band."
"Cool, looks like something that would look nice on a hat."
"Where can you make custom hats?"
*Orders prototype on*

That was 9 months ago. What started as a silly question over time turned into an idea. What if we could start a brand? A brand that doesn't really have any direction, but is guided by the appreciation of photography, the 90's, skateboarding, street style, and so on.

Hats are what we're starting with, (Tim *really* likes hats) everything that comes next depends on what the reception is.

Brought to you by Tim & Gwen.

Special thanks

Nathan Fwamba
Fiona Rolander
Belinda Preno
Nan Yu
Tim Cheadle
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